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NPM Austin Chapter Music Share – December 4 @ 7pm

Join parish musicians from around the Diocese for a night of music sharing. We will spend the evening reading through music brought by you and other participants. Please email us a PDF of your song to be projected and bring enough copies of your piece to share (about 30 copies). All music will be returned to the owner at the end of the evening. We will only read through 15 pieces, so send your music in early! If you would like to bring music from your music library/collection that you no longer use, feel free to bring them to share with others. We will have a drop zone for this when you sign in at the event. There will be a chance for socializing and picking up some FREE music for your choirs. The deadline for music PDF submission, is November 28th. Please RSVP by December 1st. RSVP below:

This meeting will be held at St. Theresa’s.

NPM Convention 2017

Couldn’t make it to NPM this year? Don’t miss out! NPM is live streaming it’s main events! And check out their newly designed webpage: npm.org.

Welcome to NPM – Austin!

The Austin Chapter of the National Association of Pastoral Musicians (NPM) is comprised of pastoral musicians from The Catholic Diocese of Austin, Texas. All music directors, cantors, choral singers, clergy, and instrumentalists are encouraged to be a part of this chapter as a means of spiritual formation in the duties of parish musician. To register with the chapter, please fill in the following form.

Interested in the Austin Chapter of NPM?

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